First experience with EasyEDA / JLCPCB

All electronic design tools and software such as KiCad, Eagle, EasyEDA and others have their place. Libraries and tricks for PCB routing software.
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Re: First experience with EasyEDA / JLCPCB

Post by wanders » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:21 pm

I had a circuit problem involving photodiodes that I wanted to solve, so I had been worrying about SPICE integration with an eCAD package, but I've yet to find one that is straightforward to use. OrCAD/Cadence is OK, but the free version has the limitations Squonk42 mentioned. So I gave up and started using LTspice, and although it has terribly antiquated GUI/UX conventions (from SwitcherCAD?), it seems to work, is well maintained, relatively easy to add SPICE symbols to and I've settled in with it.

Now that I've solved my circuit questions (my sensors are switching at sub-microsecond rates), I'm ready to start ramping on component schematic capture and PCBs.

Apologies to the original poster for hijacking the thread :oops: , but I find it useful to read about others' experiences with free(ish) eCAD packages.

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